It started with a chair

1 Dec

Two chairs, two totally different styles. Both have inspired me in their own way, so it seems a good place for my Create Vintage journey to begin.

vintage shabby chic chairvintage shabby chic chair












The French country style chair {on the left} caught my eye ages ago. At the time I wasn’t an avid vintage collector, it was a true impulse buy. Let’s be honest, it’s hardly the most glamorous little seat. In fact, forget shabby – it was borderline destroyed. But something about its unassuming demeanor and pretty proportions totally won me over.

I bought a matching pair, and they became my first revamp project. I covered up the tired old oak with a couple of coats of Annie Sloan Old White paint {more about that in a later post} and cleaned up the rush seat. And then I set about bringing right back some of that lovely distressed character. Sometimes I just think the more bashed something gets the better it looks. First mission accomplished, and a taste for resurrection born.

The rather more fancy balloon backed chair {on the right} was something I picked up at auction. By now my chair obsession was well established {and almost raging out of control – you should see my jam-packed garage!} Not only that, but having done a French furniture painting course, and signed up to study upholstery with a group of like-minded revampers, I felt like the challenge of something more formidable. Upholstery is a true skill, and a time-consuming one at that, but re-stuffed, re-covered and repainted I think this curvy-legged creation looks – well – a tiny bit magnificent.

On first appearances there’s not much that links these two chairs – they are from different eras, one is endearingly simple, the other is all carved legs and sumptuous trims. But for me it’s finding the beauty in everyday things that has changed my approach to interiors. Because don’t you think that’s what true style is – mixing and matching bits and pieces that you love, choosing stuff just for the sheer joy of it? Giving new life to something that still has a place in the world. That’s what I hope Create Vintage is all about.

ps: {Expect to see more chairs here soon. I’m working on a cute little decoupage number at the mo… can’t wait to show you. Next time though, we’re talking picture frames!}

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