Simply does it

9 Jan

It’s been a brilliant few days for Create Vintage. A handful of commissions, some cherished creations sold on to welcoming homes, and an ideas book bursting with new inspiration.  A big thank you to all my supportive friends and followers.

A while ago I promised a decoupage chair, and here it is…

Red velvet decoupage chair

Minimal revamping required on this sweet and simple bedroom chair, which sadly found its home in a junk shop until I decided to rescue it {and its identical twin}. First job was a lick of paint to turn its frumpy wood exterior into a fresh and clean aged white. I loved the slightly worn appearance of the plush red velvet seat, so that stayed put and I just replaced the braid to give it a smart finish.

I’ve wanted to do some decoupage on a furniture piece for a while and the simple, slim back of this chair seemed the place to try it. I applied scraps of a vintage-look block printed wallpaper and there you have it – an understated, but unashamedly girly little seat, which hopefully will now find its own special space.

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