Pretty paper

14 Jan

Been having a trawl through the vast online world of bloggers, crafters and all-round creative people. It’s like a gigantic unexplored galaxy – you start in one place and light years {well, a couple of hours and a cup of tea} later you find yourself in a related, but random virtual world. I love it, but fear I may never get to properly appreciate the absolutely inspirational content that is out there.

One day soon I’m hoping to have my own list of most-coveted websites that I can direct you to, but in the meantime, check out the work of Rosemary Milner, a printed textile designer, and truly talented artist. Her wallpapers are simply gorgeous. So pretty in fact you just want to frame them.


Rosemary Milner wallpaper


Rosemary Milner wallpaper

vintage wallpaper

Rosemary Milner wallpaper

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