My little star

26 Jan

Exciting day in the CV house today. We have just received a long-awaited and very important parcel from overseas. Can’t reveal any more at the moment, but it could be the start of something BIG {and beautiful}.

In other news, I am continuing to feed my irrational addiction to lovely jugs! I can’t really avoid the innuendo on that one {sorry}, see the pic below of the gorgeous Wood’s Ware find and you’ll get my drift. I’m always fascinated by stories of serial hoarders found buried beneath towers of gathered paraphernalia. There’s something morbidly eccentric about tinned cat food and old copies of Take a Break piling up precariously over the years. I’m definitely more of a thrower than a keeper, but even so there’s a chance I will be found in later life floating neck-deep in a sea of green and blue vintage ceramics.

Vintage Wood's Ware jug


I’ve finally framed the picture I’ve been working on for little CV’s new room. She can often be heard booming out a wonky version of  ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ at random times of day {and night}, so it seems the perfect wording for her wall. I have also produced a replica version, which will be parcelled up and sent to another special girl celebrating her birthday soon.

Original vintage artwork

twinkle, twinkle little star picture

I can create your own originals by commission if you have a little star in your life. Hand crafted using  glitter finish card and a screen printed star, mounted on coarse weave hessian and presented in an authentic repainted vintage frame, for the sparkly sum of £65. Do get in touch for more details.

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