Here comes the sun

1 Mar

It’s been a week of new arrivals… On Sunday we visited beautiful newborn William, and on Monday I went for tea and cuddles with the gorgeous {and exquisitely named} Matilda Plum. With a good dose of lovely new life to admire and today’s first breath of spring in the air I really have felt it’s time for some new creations.

So, today, with a month of full-time work behind me, and some free time ahead {hooray} I set to work on one particular idea which has been buzzing around my head for a while.

You are my sunshine vintage picture

‘You are my sunshine’ is a cheery little message for a little one’s wall {or a grown up’s wall for that matter too}. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope it makes you smile. As ever, it’s available as a commission… if I ever get it finished. All frames are entirely unique, and each picture is handmade to order.

There are plenty of other projects underway, one of which is the ‘beautifying’ of S and J’s house. I’ve been fiddling around with these two pictures, designed to sit side-by-side. Only thing is, J said he didn’t want anything too girly. Uh-oh, this pretty pair is practically bursting with oestregen!

Vintage birds picture

Vintage birds picture 2

Finally I’ve been revamping loads of frames, which I’ve acquired steadily over the past few months. Yesterday was a full-on paint fest in our house – me downstairs at the kitchen table, Mr CV upstairs painting the bedroom. The end result of my efforts was an unintentional Pollock-esque dustsheet. Might just have to frame that too!

Create Vintage meets Jackson Pollock {almost}

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