New beginnings

29 Mar

So, today I have barely left the house {oh, okay, except for a sneaky early evening G&T with a friend}, and yet I have acquired the following:

– Two little framed flower pictures. Not fussed about the prints, but frames and mounts show promise

– A midnight blue hatbox

– A medium sized rattan storage box

– A wicker laundry basket {now reinvented as a shoe ‘dump’ for the hallway}

– Six sheets of metallic card in gold and silver

– A Harris 7” sheepskin roller set

– Two badminton rackets {and shuttlecocks}

– 24 party poppers

Now, I admit that some of these items have more use than others, but this reinforces my opinion that sometimes stuff finds you rather than you having to hunt for it. As it happens, we have been the grateful beneficiaries of a neighbour’s ruthless clear out due to a house move next week. She’s downsizing, and so reluctantly rehoming some of her collected possessions from many years, and a handful of different houses.

We chatted yesterday over afternoon tea in the garden about how people collect things to fit the house they live in at the time. You fill the space with features that somehow suit their destination – in terms of size and style and circumstances too. And also, on your way up the property ladder you invest in pieces that may – one day – find a place in your dream house. This is so true… Most of my discoveries belong in the sprawling, picturesque Georgian country pile of my {imagined} future. Not in a big crate in our leaky garage, which is where most of it currently resides.

One thing I can’t resist is glass. Decorative, cut glass, chunky, slender… if it has some kind of character it’s sure to catch my eye. Today I washed out and cleaned some really simple, ordinary old glass coffee canisters which will make perfect kitchen storage. I’ve already decanted rice, dried fruit, flour etc into them and feel a smug sense of ordered satisfaction about it. I picked them up for a few pence at a car boot sale, but they’ve instantly revamped my kitchen cupboards.

Random assortment of glass storage jars

Random assortment of glass storage jars

As the sink was full of soapy water I decided to make some of my other glassware sparkle too. Here’s just a small selection…

A snapshot of my hotchpotch glass collection

Love these French crystal ships decanters - so elegant

Lovely little vintage pressed glass pot

Chunky vintage pressed glass pot

Little pair of cut glass Champagne coupes {these were a freebie at a car boot clearout}

Cut glass crystal decanter - I've got designs on this as a stylish bookend at some point!

These simple little crystal bowls and trifle dish belonged to my grandparents. I didn't go far to rediscover these - the attic in fact!

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