Toy story

12 Apr

I don’t seem to be doing much hard work in my hunt for loveliness at the moment – in fact, all the loveliness seems to be landing in my lap. Serendipity maybe, or perhaps everyone has spring fever and I’m just reaping the rewards of clear out season!

My latest acquisitions are rather more rediscoveries of treasured old friends. Mr CV will refer to any old thing as a ‘friend’ {“What, chuck this rotten, threadbare T-shirt? No, it’s an old friend. Put it in the pile for gardening clothes”!!} But in this instance, the term is justified.

Fresh from hibernation in my Dad’s attic where they had been mothballed for donkey’s years come these three delightfully tatty soft toys. Between them they must clock up a combined age of around 100. I love them.

Undecided about whether to let the little one loose on them, or whether to preserve them in the old, but nicely aged condition they are at the moment. Either way I’ll find a special place for them… it’s good to have my old friends back.

Jemima rag doll - complete with yellow dress, rick rack, lace and ribbon-edged pinny, felt features and thick woollen plaits.

'Mrs Cat' {uh, or is it a rabbit?}. Loving her sweet blue felt bonnet and gorgeous lace-edged bloomers. And how pretty is that vintage floral dress fabric.

This Basil Brush teddy used to TERRIFY me. Glad to say it doesn't have the same effect today. Just loving his smart tweed suit and jaunty swagger!


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