Never too busy to bargain hunt!

19 Jun

Blogging has had to take a bit of a backseat these past couple of weeks. A stint on a photo shoot near London Bridge, plus the usual mummy duties and continuing stress with the house move has left me with little time left over. It hasn’t dimmed my enthusiasm for bargain hunting though. In fact, I’ve managed to fit in a few successful little trips to some previously undiscovered destinations. So good in fact I’m going to make them regular fixtures on my ‘collecting and resurrecting’ travels.

First up, a delightfully jam-packed vintage emporium in Northampton, justifiably called ‘A Most Marvellous Place to Shop’. Two levels of vintage, retro, handmade, crafts, art and antiques, it’s stacked to the rafters with interesting and reasonably priced bits and pieces. I picked up this elegant 1950s Swinnertons jug, and a hopelessly grand moulded picture frame that I’m dying to fill with something fabulous.

Swinnertons Royal Wessex Ironware jug

Ornate Victorian picture frame. Gorgeous!

Last Sunday morning I ventured to the famed Nut Hill Fruit Farm Car Boot Sale, just north of Guildford. It’s got legendary status among Surrey bargainistas, but I was a bit non-plussed last time I checked it out. Not this time around though. This was car-booting on a super-sized scale, and the mountains of throwaway junk I’d turned up my nose at before had been replaced with plenty of the dingy, dusty, unassuming gems I love to discover.

I picked up these few buys for little more than a pocket full of loose change. That’s what I call a good morning’s work.

Another pressed glass cake stand. Can a girl have too many…?

Wood’s Ware Iris milk jug

Pretty little pressed glass cream jug

Finally, a friend introduced me to a great little shop, come café, come gallery in Shoreditch.  Given its cool location it should be so try-hard and ‘trendy’ to be totally unlikeable. But, actually Pitfield has genuine warmth, and a friendly feel that made me fall in love with it. Here are a few snaps of some of its displays.

Some of the vintage buys on display

A casual stack of shabby ladders

Some Pitfield plates tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things…

Brilliant branding – plenty to think about!

Gave me a good lesson in the power of effective branding too. I walked away with business cards, price tags and a handful of their postcards to ponder on… Behind the scenes, Create Vintage is due a revamp, and some exciting new developments are in the pipeline.

Can’t see my busy patch being over any time soon!

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