9 Aug

Serendipity – a word I love, an experience I always enjoy. I looked it up in the dictionary this morning and I think it’s my new motto.

Ser.en.dip.i.ty {noun} 1. an aptitude for  making desirable discoveries by accident.

The thing is, I always seem to come across the best things when I’m not really looking at all… A quick, unexpected dash somewhere, a passing glance into a shop window, a lucky donation. All my very best finds have come from an inconsequential outing.

Take this elegant little coffee set I came across this week.  Without wanting to sound too corny, when I saw it sitting on the shop shelf, it felt a bit like it was waiting there for me to find it and take it home.

Johnson Bros. Rosedawn coffee set

Johnson Bros. Rosedawn coffee pot

The wheels are in motion for a place to display {and sell} all these treasures. Let’s hope that the serendipity continues so that I can gather enough gorgeous things to fill it!

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