Pot luck

25 Apr

It’s fair to say that paintbrushes have been quite the preoccupation these past few weeks. But that doesn’t mean the quest for beautiful things has come to a stop.

Mind you, I have had to diversify my taste a little to keep up with demand in my new home – Unique Chique in Alton. I’m getting the distinct impression that the people of Hampshire like a more literal version of vintage.

So, as well as my own personal choices – something sleek, simple, timeless, stylish, like these elegant stoneware Purbeck Pottery coffee pots…

Purbeck Pottery coffee pots, £20 each
Purbeck Pottery coffee pots, £20 each

I’m also throwing in a bit of chintz – like this Johnson Bros. Victorian teapot…

Johnson Bros 'Victorian' teapot, £25

Johnson Bros ‘Victorian’ teapot, £25

After all, you’ve got to give the customers what they want. Right?


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