Meanwhile, over at The Packhouse…

18 May

I know the Create Vintage blog has been a bit quiet recently, but I’ve been contributing to The Packhouse website every now and again in my role as guest blogger. You can check in on me over there at, and here is a link to my latest post… {click here} It’s all about that favourite subject of mine – car booting! Yes, it’s car boot season, and already this year I’ve bagged some magnificent bargains, including some more genuine, vintage pharmacy bottles.

Vintage pharmacy bottles

Vintage pharmacy bottles

Meanwhile, my little space at The Packhouse is ticking along. A while ago I commissioned some exclusive, limited edition prints, designed by the beautiful Becky Thurston at Bee Loves Tea Creations. It’s a fine line between words that are motivational or meaningful and those that are just stomach-churningly corny. I thought long and hard about which I wanted to share, and then Becky brought them to life in our very first collection!

We’ve got some more ideas in the pipeline, and maybe a few other little creative tricks for the future up our sleeves too!

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