To browse my full, ever-changing range, you can find me at The Packhouse, Hewett’s Kilns, Runfold, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 1PJ


Create Vintage paintbrushes are now available to buy online. Designed specifically for painting furniture they are the ideal partner for all your up-cycling projects!

– A 50/50 mix of natural, unbleached pure and synthetic bristle, which allows the paint to flow. You can get authentic brush marks, or a smooth application – whichever look you’re going for.

– A full, round head that is perfect for curves and corners and intricate details. Furniture isn’t flat and one-dimensional {like a wall}, so neither are our brushes.

– A natural wood handle and simple silver effect collar. Lovely to hold {and not bad to look at either!}

At the moment we stock just one size, which I’ve found ideal for most big and small projects, but particularly suited to chairs, small dressers and picture frames.

The Create Vintage paintbrush retails at A NEW REDUCED price of £7.50 and includes free postage and packaging for a limited time.

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Introducing the Create Vintage paintbrush RRP £8.50

Introducing the Create Vintage paintbrush RRP £7.50

paintbrushes 8

paintbrushes in box 2

paintbrushes in box 4

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