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Sunshine and shades

18 Jun

Oh, please don’t let the June gloom continue until the weekend. Create Vintage is off to Tweseldown Artisan Market again on Saturday, and I’m so hoping the sun will shine.

At the last market, in May, it was a couple of my sunny coloured finds that were snapped up straight away.

This Barker Bros. primrose yellow jug went to a new home where it was destined to serve custard for-ever-more {a fitting purpose if you ask me}…

Vintage Barker Bros. jug

Vintage Barker Bros. jug

And these glorious green storage canisters were parcelled up and packed off to spruce up someone’s new kitchen. I love how even the mundane becomes magnificent when it’s just the right shade of vintage…

Five green vintage storage clip top canisters

Five green vintage storage clip top canisters

I’ll be digging out more of my lovely vintage treasures for this weekend.

I’ve also been working on some more pictures to put up for sale. The vintage framed tobacco cards {previously mentioned on here} have been such a hit in the shop*, that I’ve created some more using the same series of British birds, and also a new pair with these pretty Brooke Bond tea butterfly cards.

Vintage Brooke Bond tea butterfly cards in hand painted frames.

Vintage Brooke Bond tea butterfly cards in hand painted frames.


Do pop along on Saturday if you can. Umbrellas optional, sunny dispositions essential!

{* the shop = Unique Chique, Alton, Hants}

Crate expectations

23 May

Me: I need some seedling trays – small crates that look kind of vintage.

Him: I’ve got some wood in the garage, I’ll see what I can do.

{there follows an interlude of several hours, some sawing and a whole lot of banging, plus a very quick paint job from me…}

Mr CV's homemade 'vintage' crates

Mr CV’s homemade ‘vintage’ crates

Me: Pretty good!

The perfect way to showcase my cute collection of small pressed glass jugs.

A small selection of pressed glass cream jugs and a fantastic pitcher {found just this week}

A small selection of pressed glass cream jugs and a fantastic pitcher {found just this week}

And one step closer to being ready for my stall on Saturday. Things are taking shape!

Coming up roses

22 May

I never set out to be someone showing up to Antiques Roadshow. It was never my ambition to win Bargain Hunt. But there’s been the odd heart-stopping, jaw dropping moment in my quest for lovely vintage things that I’ve thought ‘Hmm, that’s a tiny bit special’.

Today was one such occasion. Allow me to introduce one of this PAIR of rare Royal Doulton rosebud design oval platters. Makers stamp indicates a production date between 1902-1922.

My radar says simply BEAUTIFUL!

Royal Doulton rosebud design oval platter 1902-1922

Royal Doulton rosebud design oval platter 1902-1922


Testing the market!

21 May

It’s been a bumper week for bargain hunting. And just as well really. Create Vintage will be showcasing a whole range of beautiful finds this Saturday at Tweseldown Artisan Market. Set in the grounds of Tweseldown racecourse between Farnham and Farnborough, it brings together local producers, crafters and vintage sellers in a hub of handmade heaven.

tweseldown artisan market pic

It’s going to be a busy week – selecting my stock, refining a final few pictures and contemplating how best to set it all up.

Amongst other things, I will be parting company with this beautiful Poole Pottery coffee set I stumbled across recently. Has there ever been a more dreamy colour combination than that dusky pink and milk chocolate?

Poole Pottery coffee set including six teacups and saucers; sugar bowl; coffee pot & hot water pot. Other pieces also available.

Poole Pottery coffee set including six teacups and saucers; sugar bowl; coffee pot & hot water pot. Other pieces also available.

Will be posting more beautiful finds here as the week goes on. And if you can make it down on Saturday I’d love to see you there!

Tweseldown Artisan Market; Tweseldown Racecourse, Bourley Road, Church Crookham, Hampshire, GU52 8DY.

Saturday 25th May; 9am-4pm

Pot luck

25 Apr

It’s fair to say that paintbrushes have been quite the preoccupation these past few weeks. But that doesn’t mean the quest for beautiful things has come to a stop.

Mind you, I have had to diversify my taste a little to keep up with demand in my new home – Unique Chique in Alton. I’m getting the distinct impression that the people of Hampshire like a more literal version of vintage.

So, as well as my own personal choices – something sleek, simple, timeless, stylish, like these elegant stoneware Purbeck Pottery coffee pots…

Purbeck Pottery coffee pots, £20 each
Purbeck Pottery coffee pots, £20 each

I’m also throwing in a bit of chintz – like this Johnson Bros. Victorian teapot…

Johnson Bros 'Victorian' teapot, £25

Johnson Bros ‘Victorian’ teapot, £25

After all, you’ve got to give the customers what they want. Right?


Create Vintage comes to life!

20 Feb

After months of planning, plotting and obscenely over-purchasing vintage homewares, one dream has finally come true for Create Vintage. From Saturday I will be selling a few of my treasured finds at Unique Chique in Alton, Hampshire.

Today I’ve been dusting down and sprucing up everything I can find that will bring a spring cheer to the shop. These colourful jugs in various shapes and sizes just about capture the collection I’ve come up with.

An assortment of vintage jugs including Wood's Ware, Spode, Johnson Bros. and Grindley

An assortment of vintage jugs including Wood’s Ware, Spode, Johnson Bros. and Grindley

I’ve chatted about Unique Chique on this blog before, but never said much about its owner, Emma Webb. To put it frankly she was pretty much the person who gave me the confidence to get going on the Create Vintage path. She’s hopelessly modest {so she’ll hate this mention} but her story is a real inspiration…

Emma trained as a commercial pilot and made it to Captain before her 30th birthday. She then moved into private aviation as a pilot for a corporate jet operator. Unfortunately illness led to her losing her medical. But, rather than mope around she used her recuperation time to go along to one of Annie Sloan’s furniture painting courses, start to revamp her own furniture and eventually set up shop selling her pieces.

Three years on, she is moving to bigger premises, expanding her range {which includes Chalk Paint, decorative paint by Annie Sloan} and planning to share her skills with craft courses and workshops run from her friendly back room. She’s still only 36 years old.

I am so delighted to be part of her latest chapter. I’ll be helping out in the shop as well as giving things a bit of a PR push. You can find Unique Chique at 53 High Street, Alton, Hampshire. Her website is

Love is like a butterfly

14 Feb

I’ve talked about chance encounters and serendipity before, but this week’s episode takes some beating.

True story…

Last Saturday we decided to visit the Butterflies exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Society gardens, Wisley.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it, for around a month every year the RHS releases a variety of exotic butterflies into its tropical glasshouse. Fluttering happily in a recreation of their natural habitat, you can get within touching distance of these beautiful creatures. Budding butterfly catchers can chase and marvel at ‘Scarlet Swallowtails’ and ‘Golden Birdwings’ under a canopy of tree ferns and lush-leaved creepers. It runs until February 24th, so if you’re quick you could still ‘catch’ it. Details here.

Anyway, having planned the trip the night before we chuckled when we switched on the 8.00 news on the radio that morning to be greeted with Dolly Parton warbling ‘Love is Like a Butterfly’.

The butterfly theme continued when we took a circuitous return journey home so that I could pop into a few of my favourite shops while little CV slept off her intrepid jungle encounter. At our last stop, and almost ready to leave, I spotted one of my most excellent ever acquisitions hanging behind the counter. This vintage box-framed butterfly collection is beautifully timeworn and – despite its age – brilliantly on-trend. I had to have it.

Vintage box-framed butterfies

Vintage box-framed butterfies


Butterflies are symbols of change and transformation in the spiritual world. This series of celestial signs couldn’t have come at a better time for Create Vintage…

In with the old

1 Feb

Out with the old, and in with the… um, old. This week has seen a whole bunch of surplus chairs get shifted out of the garage {thanks eBay}, to make way for several dazzling discoveries.

First find turned up on a random visit to one of my regular haunts. I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted a few pieces from the iconic Wood’s Ware Beryl range. Even more good fortune when I discovered there was another entire box of the stuff sitting out the back. End result was a huge swathe of the sea green crockery washed and drying on my draining board. The ubiquitous, Utilitarian range from the 1940s is enjoying something of a revival. Not only did Paperchase’s home collection recently feature Wood’s Ware cakestands made from up-cycled  pieces, I also spotted the Beryl range used as tableware at Jamie Oliver’s retro Chiswick restaurant Union Jacks.

Drying up time

Drying up time

wood's ware set

Wood’s Ware Beryl cup, saucer, side plate and dining plate set

wood's ware teacups and saucers

Wood’s Ware Beryl teacups and saucers

Next stop was the local auction house. Our mission was to find more picture frames {successfully bid on and won a beautiful assortment}, but we couldn’t believe our luck {again} when we picked up the perfect vintage bathroom cabinet for a tenner.

With this run of good fortune I’m seriously tempted to try my luck at a car boot sale this weekend. Now, if only I could get lucky with the weather.

Profoundly speaking

1 Nov

I’m not really one for profound statements or philosophical musing {I’m more a matter-of-facts kind of girl}. But, I was quite taken with a lovely concept I heard on the radio recently. Musician Richard Hawley was talking about his love of old guitars and had this to say on the prospect of collecting them {I’m paraphrasing here}…

‘My Dad said a great thing. He said: “You know, we only keep things for a while. We don’t own them. So, you have to look after them. When you hold an old instrument you should think of all the hands that have held them before you, and be conscious that when you’re gone, other musicians will continue to make music with them forever.” I like that continuation. You’re just part of the river of it all. Your only obligation when you have something is to cherish it and to make sure it’s good enough, and cared for enough, for folks in the future.’

See, I love that some of my treasured possessions have a past life, rather than something brand new and box fresh. It’s fun trying to imagine exactly where they might have been.

I’d sworn off buying any more tea sets, but couldn’t resist this pretty little design I recently found for a friend. I don’t know where it’s lived before. But  I do know for certain that it has a future of good tea and cakes ahead of it now… It’s being well looked after!

Queen Anne Angelique bone china tea set

Queen Anne Angelique bone china tea plate


9 Aug

Serendipity – a word I love, an experience I always enjoy. I looked it up in the dictionary this morning and I think it’s my new motto.

Ser.en.dip.i.ty {noun} 1. an aptitude for  making desirable discoveries by accident.

The thing is, I always seem to come across the best things when I’m not really looking at all… A quick, unexpected dash somewhere, a passing glance into a shop window, a lucky donation. All my very best finds have come from an inconsequential outing.

Take this elegant little coffee set I came across this week.  Without wanting to sound too corny, when I saw it sitting on the shop shelf, it felt a bit like it was waiting there for me to find it and take it home.

Johnson Bros. Rosedawn coffee set

Johnson Bros. Rosedawn coffee pot

The wheels are in motion for a place to display {and sell} all these treasures. Let’s hope that the serendipity continues so that I can gather enough gorgeous things to fill it!