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Love is like a butterfly

14 Feb

I’ve talked about chance encounters and serendipity before, but this week’s episode takes some beating.

True story…

Last Saturday we decided to visit the Butterflies exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Society gardens, Wisley.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it, for around a month every year the RHS releases a variety of exotic butterflies into its tropical glasshouse. Fluttering happily in a recreation of their natural habitat, you can get within touching distance of these beautiful creatures. Budding butterfly catchers can chase and marvel at ‘Scarlet Swallowtails’ and ‘Golden Birdwings’ under a canopy of tree ferns and lush-leaved creepers. It runs until February 24th, so if you’re quick you could still ‘catch’ it. Details here.

Anyway, having planned the trip the night before we chuckled when we switched on the 8.00 news on the radio that morning to be greeted with Dolly Parton warbling ‘Love is Like a Butterfly’.

The butterfly theme continued when we took a circuitous return journey home so that I could pop into a few of my favourite shops while little CV slept off her intrepid jungle encounter. At our last stop, and almost ready to leave, I spotted one of my most excellent ever acquisitions hanging behind the counter. This vintage box-framed butterfly collection is beautifully timeworn and – despite its age – brilliantly on-trend. I had to have it.

Vintage box-framed butterfies

Vintage box-framed butterfies


Butterflies are symbols of change and transformation in the spiritual world. This series of celestial signs couldn’t have come at a better time for Create Vintage…