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Baby love

13 Mar

In a moment of aimless internet browsing today I stumbled back across a favourite blog. It’s not new, in fact you’ve most probably seen it before, but Mila’s Daydreams {milasdaydreams.blogspot.com} is such a genuinely original concept, which manages to be cute without being toe-curlingly corny. It’s no wonder it became an overnight online sensation.

Inspired by the positions her two-week old baby Mila slept in while she napped, Adele Enerson decided to photograph them – and create a fantasy daydream around her.  The latest update to the blog sees readers sending in their own sleeping baby scenes {I adore Kirsi Vuomajoki’s baby ice skating – see below}.

Kirsi Vuomajoki's sleeping baby picture from http://www.milasdaydreams.blogspot.com. Copyright Adele Enerson

I’m in awe of the creativity naturally, but also by the energy Adele must have. Most mums I know are either flat out with a cuppa, avoiding the housework, or scaling the heights of a lengthy list of chores as soon as the baby sleeps.

The blog is now a book – When my Baby Dreams by Adele Enerson {Harper Collins, Balzer + Bray}. Buy it from amazon here.