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In the mood

2 Feb

I’m helping some friends design a few pieces of artwork for their newly revamped, freshly painted home at the moment. It reminded me how powerful – and how useful – a mood board can be in anchoring a creative conversation. ‘S’ loved all things girly, gorgeous and decorative, ‘J’ was looking for something bolder – he didn’t mind birds and butterflies in moderation, but didn’t want a house full of ‘fluff’!

They realised that when making the nuts and bolts decisions of doing up a house – door handles, floor tiles, light fittings – they were on safe territory, and largely in agreement. But when it came to giving the house some personality and injecting the space with a more revealing sense of taste they hit a blank wall. Literally.

In those instances I would always recommend a mood board. I’ve used them forever in a work environment; creatively they’re invaluable for allowing a team of people to visualise a concept. At home they are a great way of expressing – discovering, even – what kind of themes float your aesthetic boat and coming up with a look you will love to live with.

I’m a fan of making a mood board the good old fashioned way – cutting out pictures from magazines, ripping up paint charts, pinning pieces of fabric – but I’ve also just started creating virtual moodboards with the help of pinterest. It’s fun playing around with images that can help you design a room, a new look, a wedding, a whole lifestyle in fact. These images below are a few of my current favourites. Hope you like them too.

http://www.pinterest.com Tine K home collection pure SS2012

http://www.pinterest.com illegitimate-child.tumblr.com


http://www.pinterest.com caryambler/she-s-crafty/