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Profoundly speaking

1 Nov

I’m not really one for profound statements or philosophical musing {I’m more a matter-of-facts kind of girl}. But, I was quite taken with a lovely concept I heard on the radio recently. Musician Richard Hawley was talking about his love of old guitars and had this to say on the prospect of collecting them {I’m paraphrasing here}…

‘My Dad said a great thing. He said: “You know, we only keep things for a while. We don’t own them. So, you have to look after them. When you hold an old instrument you should think of all the hands that have held them before you, and be conscious that when you’re gone, other musicians will continue to make music with them forever.” I like that continuation. You’re just part of the river of it all. Your only obligation when you have something is to cherish it and to make sure it’s good enough, and cared for enough, for folks in the future.’

See, I love that some of my treasured possessions have a past life, rather than something brand new and box fresh. It’s fun trying to imagine exactly where they might have been.

I’d sworn off buying any more tea sets, but couldn’t resist this pretty little design I recently found for a friend. I don’t know where it’s lived before. But  I do know for certain that it has a future of good tea and cakes ahead of it now… It’s being well looked after!

Queen Anne Angelique bone china tea set

Queen Anne Angelique bone china tea plate