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Tea and talent

15 Dec

China tea sets have become the unofficial symbol for everything ‘vintage’. Go to any antiques fair or fleamarket and you’ll see them in abundance. I’m still undecided about whether they have a whole lot of relevance in modern life and modern homes. Find a great one and it sure can be gorgeous, but when it comes to a good old cuppa, most people shun the ritual of tea making that a proper bone china set demands. And how much point is there really in having something that, in the end, will just gather dust.

There is, however, the odd exception, and I still can’t believe my luck that I came across this exceptionally pretty Royal Stafford bone china Bluebird set in my well-heeled local charity shop. It almost takes my breath away when I consider its delicacy and intricate detail. I do bring it out on special occasions {just like our grandmothers’ generation would have done} and there’s no denying that a humble cup of tea {barely a mouthful, but never mind} is elevated to a superior status. I’m not sure of the life it came from, but it has found a very treasured place in my home.

Royal Stafford bone china Blue Bird tea cup


Royal Stafford bone china Blue Bird tea set

And onto other things… There’s nothing vintage about this painting – well, apart from the chap in the funny hat I suppose, but I promised delightful discoveries and this fits the bill. As well as sheer beauty I also admire sheer brilliance, and Mr CV’s Great Aunt Penny Manners, Vice President of the Richmond Art Society and latecomer to portrait painting, has just emailed me this, her latest piece. Fabulous, don’t you think?

Penny Manners 2011