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Treasure hunting

21 May

There’s nothing like a deadline to galvanise you into action. In less than a month I will be selling my stock in brand new {super-smart} premises. The pressure is very much ON.

Buying and selling vintage is not like browsing a catalogue and placing an order. You can’t visit a showroom and choose a job lot of stock. There is no ‘wholesale’ option. Rather, the process depends purely and simply on chance, and a bit of good fortune. Not only that, but, ‘the value of vintage is on the rise’ according to The Sunday Times Style {18 May 2014}. Which means it’s getting harder to come by. See what I mean about pressure?

Luckily, the buying crusade got off to a dazzling start this weekend. I visited one of my favourite un-tapped locations. Wall-to-wall vintage, with some truly outstanding gems, it wasn’t just the sun that was shining at the end of the day. With the car loaded to the brim full of magnificent buys I felt more than a little relieved that we’d be in business for opening day.

Highlights included….

A wash of pale green and blue vintage ironstone to add to the existing collection. I love their thick, rounded edges, pure pastel colours and simple, timeless silhouettes.

An assortment of vintage blue and green ironstone crockery

An assortment of vintage blue and green ironstone crockery

These vintage Dutch bulb crates were originally used for storing and transporting bulbs in the famous horticultural area around the south-west of Amsterdam. With solid wood construction and a metal mesh base {essential for allowing air to circulate around the bulbs and prevent them rotting}, they are stackable and versatile. Each one is entirely unique, stenciled with the grower’s name, and with their own little bit of history attached. Up-end them and you have a ready-made memo board. On their own they’re a genuinely beautiful storage option.

Vintage Dutch bulb crates

Vintage Dutch bulb crates

10 green bottles. Well, several. At least. Almost everyone who sells these bottles seems to be fanatical about finding them. I love hearing their stories. They scour old municipal dumps, fields and beaches to dig them out – that’s commitment. My last good find was a haul of apothecary bottles, this outing seemed to turn up sauce and condiment bottles instead. As with all good, collectable vintage, they’re becoming scarce.

Vintage glass apothecary and condiment bottles

Vintage glass apothecary and condiment bottles

Vintage {quite possibly antique} hinged gentlemen’s shoe lasts inscribed with ‘Faulkner & Son, London & Cambridge’. How classy would these be as a Father’s Day gift?

Faulkner & Son, London & Cambridge, vintage hinged Shoe Lasts

Faulkner & Son, London & Cambridge, vintage hinged Shoe Lasts

An assortment of filthy, but fabulous, vintage cutlery. A bit of a scrub and they’ll be good as {in fact, make that better than} new.

Assorted vintage cutlery

Assorted vintage cutlery

A variety of pretty, patterned blue and white platters. What every lovingly-made supper dreams of being served up on!


Blue and white platters including 2 Adderley Bone China 'Blue Chelsea' cake plates

Blue and white platters including 2 Adderley Bone China ‘Blue Chelsea’ cake plates

And a final bit of sunshine. Yellow makes an occasional appearance in my collections, and these sunny finds seemed just about right for the start of summer.

yellow jug

Johnson Bros. ‘Pareek’ milk jug

Vintage Art Deco style yellow coffee pot

Vintage Art Deco style yellow coffee pot

There was more, but I’ll save it for another day. See you soon…

Christmas in July

12 Jul

I can feel it – that ruthless clear out mood that accompanies a house move…

Blitz phase one has already been achieved {the superficial spruce up for valuations and viewings}. Now it’s time to get tough – the garage, the attic, under the bed – nowhere is safe from my black refuse sack! As part of the mission it’s time for a Create Vintage cull… The projects I’ve been meaning to get around to but probably never will; the loved, but no longer needed discoveries; the pieces whose faces don’t fit ‘chez new’. All in the firing line.

First up, an assortment of chairs. It’s true, I have something of a weakness for four-legged furniture, but I haven’t got the time or the space to give this little lot the attention they deserve at the moment. All these beauties need is a lick of paint and some new upholstery.  Trust me, they have the DNA to be supermodels!

Balloon back mahogany veneer chair – just waiting for its makeover…

Queen Anne style dining chair – yep, needs a little help!

vintage shabby chic chair

The finished article, see what a little imagination can do!

And this one’s a work in progress. Ready soon, I promise!

Something else I came across while rummaging through boxes of random bits and pieces was this vintage collection of cutlery. I’m a sucker for decorative handles and slightly tarnished steel. I’ve only ever used them once, and that was at Christmas. Somehow they just seemed right for that time of year.

Assorted cutlery all wrapped up and stashed away in the Create Vintage stockpile!

Vintage cutlery – looks and feels just lovely.

Talking of Christmas, I’m starting a festive photo shoot on Monday. As all magazine people know, Christmas comes in July in the world of publications! Over the years I’ve traipsed through many mountains of fake snow in flip-flops, and eaten turkey and all the trimmings in a heatwave.

With the house moving details to deal with at the same time, I think there’s only one thing for it… Bring on the White Chocolate Snow Bombe!

M&S Christmas Food to Order 2011 White Chocolate Snow Bombe
Photography: Richard Jung; Styling: Penny Markham