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Right royal finds

1 Jun

Have you been swept up in Jubilee fever or are you sick of it already? Never before has the Union Jack been in such peril of flagging {due to over-exposure}, but it shows what an icon it is in the first place to still hold such ubiquitous favour. On my travels this past month I’ve seen it used, abused, celebrated and violated! Bunting has become the midsummer version of twinkly Christmas fairy lights, and it seems the Queen’s silhouette can be fashioned from just about anything, from buttons to rosebuds.

My own personal tribute comes by way of an aged and endearingly bashed chocolate tin from 1953 – marking the Queen’s Coronation. It’s not really my style, but for some reason when I spotted it a year or so ago in a charity shop it found its way home with me. I like to think it has its own understated charm – a bit like our own dear ER. Something about the Primrose yellow paint also reminds me of a biscuit tin that used to live at my grandparents house and is probably from the same era.

Original vintage tin celebrating the Coronation in 1953

This morning I came across something current, which I suspect may become a collectible of the future. Top marks to M&S for their subtly nostalgic interpretation of the Jubilee. I’m going to eat the biscuits and then tuck it away somewhere safe and hope that future generations might appreciate this piece of not-at-all-rare, but quite lovely modern history.

M&S Diamond Jubilee commemorative biscuit tin


Enjoy this weekend’s festivities. And Gawd bless the Queen!