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Happy New Year

6 Jan
With a year of blogging under my belt, I’m in the mood for some reflection. Aside from the exciting acquisitions, a handful of revamps and a whole lot of stuff still awaiting its starring moment, I’ve been asked several times in the past few weeks {well, at least twice}: ‘Why blog?’ ‘What’s Create Vintage all about?’
I suppose I started this blog as a way of blending my trade {writing} with a newly discovered passion {vintage} at that clichéd time in life with a new baby on the scene when you can feel like routine takes over and creativity is lacking. At best, Create Vintage was a way of documenting and expressing the things that inspired me. At worst it was a launchpad – a springboard – to wherever that passion could take me.
To anyone who is wavering over the prospect of starting their own blog I say, ‘go for it, take a chance.’ Yes, a blog can be an exercise in vanity and self-promotion, but it’s also a personal and fulfilling legacy that you, your peers, and even total strangers across the world {the blog stats tell the story} can see in an instant. It will sit alongside admired websites and online material, it can elevate your humble thoughts to sacred opinion. The best ones are now huge business. Me? I’m happy with my little ‘swing a cat-sized’ bit of online room.
A year on, I am still enthused by the potential of that dizzying springboard. 2013 heralds optimism, enterprise, action for me. I will be hoping for more time to devote to Create Vintage, but as a start I leave you with this finally finished picture for my little ray of sunshine. Just about to be hung on her bedroom wall…
You are my Sunshine vintage framed picture by createvintage.com

You are my Sunshine vintage framed picture by createvintage.com

Here comes the sun

1 Mar

It’s been a week of new arrivals… On Sunday we visited beautiful newborn William, and on Monday I went for tea and cuddles with the gorgeous {and exquisitely named} Matilda Plum. With a good dose of lovely new life to admire and today’s first breath of spring in the air I really have felt it’s time for some new creations.

So, today, with a month of full-time work behind me, and some free time ahead {hooray} I set to work on one particular idea which has been buzzing around my head for a while.

You are my sunshine vintage picture

‘You are my sunshine’ is a cheery little message for a little one’s wall {or a grown up’s wall for that matter too}. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope it makes you smile. As ever, it’s available as a commission… if I ever get it finished. All frames are entirely unique, and each picture is handmade to order.

There are plenty of other projects underway, one of which is the ‘beautifying’ of S and J’s house. I’ve been fiddling around with these two pictures, designed to sit side-by-side. Only thing is, J said he didn’t want anything too girly. Uh-oh, this pretty pair is practically bursting with oestregen!

Vintage birds picture

Vintage birds picture 2

Finally I’ve been revamping loads of frames, which I’ve acquired steadily over the past few months. Yesterday was a full-on paint fest in our house – me downstairs at the kitchen table, Mr CV upstairs painting the bedroom. The end result of my efforts was an unintentional Pollock-esque dustsheet. Might just have to frame that too!

Create Vintage meets Jackson Pollock {almost}